Release Schedule

Release Schedule for 2023

Episode 1
January 19th

Turned Twill with Colour & Weave
It is so much fun to start the year with another overlay idea.  This year is all about adding Colour and Weave sequences to units and blocks. We’ll start with Turned Twill for the 3rd year in a row…adding my favourite Dark/Light sequence from Season 3 E4, which was Dark/Light/Dark/Dark/Light. We’ll add it to units and then to blocks and make that cute little motif bigger and bigger and bigger. This should set your mind on fire. 
I also demonstrate how to wind 2 warps…a light one and a dark one and then beam both warps simultaneously. This method comes in really handy when you have a lot of colour changes in a warp.

Episode 2
February 23rd

Fiberworks PCW
With great pleasure, I welcome back Bob Keates, co-creator of Fiberworks PCW. Using a computer drafting programme makes playing with Colour and Weave ideas very easy. It allows us to play and try different C&W sequences without committing to the warp. I’m blown away by the possibilities…things I wouldn’t believe could happen, happen.  Bob gives a brief review of what he did in Season 4 E2 but then adds a lot of information about other features that this amazing programme has, linking/unlinking, block substitution, and adding colour sequences. I learned a lot during the filming.
Episode 3
March 30th

Monk’s Belt with Colour & Weave
We have so much fun in this episode exploring Colour and Weave sequences, block by block and thread by thread. The project is for placemats or scarves but both are done on the same warp with different wefts.  It really explores how we can get heavy and weighty fabric or soft and delicate fabric on the same warp just by questioning our preconceived ideas about how things should be woven. The show and tell is fabulous and so, so, so inspiring.

Episode 4

May 4th
This episode introduces Halvdräll, which I tend to think of as Monk’s Belt on steroids. Colour and Weave lends itself beautifully to this structure, as does texture, so we’ll start adding another layer. Simple unit designs or big block designs and again, it is hard to believe that all these looks come from the idea of a unit. Positive/Negative is a strong force in Monk’s Belt/Halvdräll and is also a strong Positive/Negative force in Colour and Weave.

Episode 5
June 8th

Overshot with Colour & Weave
Overshot is so near and dear to my heart and I wanted to do something very special with this episode. Many of you may know the book “Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes – Miniature Overshot Patterns”. I have long admired her use of asymmetry in Overshot, and her love of name drafting so I thought I should look to her for a place to start. Leafing through the pages I came across a pattern called Peace -1945. It stopped me in my tracks, not because of the pattern but because of the words. I instantly knew I had my starting place and all I had to do was my colour and weave overlay. I’m so glad I did. The exploration has been amazing.

Episode 6
July 13th

Crackle on Opposites
Crackle is really crackling in this episode. We will learn how to take a profile shape, overlay the units and then overlay Colour and Weave sequences.  There is a universe of discovery with this structure……twilly, blocky, subtle, and complex. Once you’ve mastered Crackle, you’ll understand it has infinite possibilities. I start the design process with a profile by Harriet Tidball, develop it, tweak it, adding layer after layer to the process leaving you with a design trail to follow so you can do these yourselves.

Episode 7
August 17th

Summer and Winter with Colour & Weave

Summer and Winter is back in this episode with texture and Colour and Weave overlays. You’ll be amazed at the possibilities. I’m so glad we are taking one more look at these simple yet powerful structures on 4 shafts. They are laying an incredible foundation for when you want to take things beyond 4. These structures grow up so nicely and you will have all kinds of other ideas to bring along with them. 

Episode 8
September 21

Turned Taquette
We’re welcoming Turned Taquette on 4 shafts to this Episode. Closely related to Summer and Winter, it provides the 4-shaft weaver with a structure that allows you to have some pretty clean and tidy graphic squares and rectangles. It relies on Colour and Weave, Dark/Light or any two-colour sequence to work, so it fits into this season perfectly. In this episode, we will also look back at the other things we did with straight draw threading and create a wonderfully diverse set of fabrics from one warp in Plain Weave, Twill, Basket Weave and Turned Taquette.

Episode 9
October 26th

M’s & O’s with Huck Theory

Huck and M’s & O’s are heading out on a date in this episode. Last year we took M’s & O’s out of the box and did some pretty amazing things with that traditional structure. M’s & O’s have some similarities to 2 units of Huck. What if we added another end to M’s & O’s and made it closer to Huck, and…. what if we gave Huck two more units like M’s & O’s? We know from our year of Laces that Huck is over the moon when it plays with Colour and Weave sequences. So, this episode is a great love fest of 2 traditional structures and everything we’ve learned about them. It will blow your mind because we kick the lid off that box and send it flying into outer space.

Episode 10
November 30th

Season 7 Grand Finale
Every year our final episode celebrates everything we’ve learned in the past 12 months, so we hope you enjoy continuing with this tradition of reviewing, revising and revisiting.

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