Release Schedule

Release Schedule for 2024

January 25

M’s & O’s go on a 2nd date - 4 shafts

Our first episode is a sequel carried on from the last episode in Season 7 which was M’s & O’s goes on a date with Huck and hangs out with Colour and Weave. There was so much in that episode that I just had to add another lesson to it. This time, I am adding a Log Cabin sequence on top of that modified M’s & O’s threading but I also bring in the Laces.

March 7

Shadow Weave Atwater to Powell - for 4 & 8 shaft looms

Episode 2 is our first episode presented by Rebecca Logan with Shadow Weave. Back in Season 4, Episode 8, I presented the Atwater method of drafting Shadow Weave. Rebecca will teach us the Powell method of drafting Shadow Weave and will demonstrate the shaft shuffling tool on Weaveit and Fiberworks, for both PC and Mac on 4 and 8 shafts. We’ll have weaving projects for both 4 and 8 shafts. One project for 4 shafts and 2 projects for 8 shafts.

April 18

Deflected Double Weave - for 4 & 8 shaft looms

Episode 3 is an introduction to Deflected Double Weave on 4 shafts and 8 shafts. For the 4-shaft section, I wove a sampler with one half threaded as a 4-thread unit and the other half threaded as a 5-thread unit. I tried all kinds of sequences in just one colour with one shuttle and then again with 2 colours and 2 shuttles. Then I took all that information and wove a set of towels that I love, love, love. The PDF has it all. The 8-shaft sampler was threaded to Mary Atwater’s very first draft for Deflected Double Weave from her recipe book. I then morphed it into all kinds of treadling sequences pushing the graphic in other directions. In the end, I took 2 of my favourite sections and wove them in super fine baby Alpaca in gorgeous colours.

May 30

Block Double Weave - for 4 & 8 shaft looms

Episode 4 is a great introduction to Block Double Weave for 4 and 8 shafts presented by Barbara Mitchell, another long-term dream team member and frequent contributor to Handwoven Magazine. Barbara has created a fun episode inspired by the graphics and colours from Plaid and Parrot way back in Season 2. She is so great at bringing it all forward and overlaying everything. The warp is the same for both 4 and 8 shaft versions which means you can use whichever loom you have. The colour possibilities are amazing, they were great back in Season 2 and now they are intermingling in double weave all these years later.

July 11

Sequins Pockets on 8 shaft Turned Twill - 8 shafts

Episode 5 is another Double Weave episode taught by Jane and is from one of her favourite workshops, Inspiration from the Sari. For years you have been seeing an amazing red sari hanging on the back wall of the studio to the left of the blackboards. That Sari has sequins woven into little pockets and Jamdani inlay woven on a 3” grid. You’re going to learn how to do that too. Jane will show you how to make your sequins or you can use purchased sequins. This is created on threading that also allows you to weave Turned Twill….so you’ll get more on that amazing structure too :) This is an 8-shaft episode.

August 22

Basketry, Weave a Rib Basket - everyone!

In Episode 6 we welcome back the amazing basket weaver, Joan Carrigan. This time, it will be one of her wonderful rib baskets and you’ll have time to weave it before the holidays! If you haven’t watched our first episode with Joan from Season 2, you might want to catch up on it. Oh, and you really should check out Joan’s website

October 3

Double-Faced Twills - 4 & 8 shafts

Episode 7 is another 4 & 8 shaft lesson on Double Faced Twills. We will create pieces of fabric that have 2 completely different faces but appear to be one layer. The 4-shaft version allows us to play with colour in horizontal stripes as it is weft-predominant. The 8-shaft version is an interlocked 2/2 twill on each side of the fabric where you can have both horizontal and vertical striping. Each side can be completely different…you just have to design 2 surfaces and learn how to build the warp. Easy Peasy.

November 14

Season 8 Finale

Our last episode is our grand finale for Season 8 where we look at everything we’ve learned during the year. It’s so important to review and see how our work has evolved over the years. It’s all connected…always moving forward…always adding another layer. We hope you join us for another chapter of School of Weaving where we Double the Fun!

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