Release Schedule

Release Schedule for 2022

Episode 1
Introduction to Units, Blocks & Profiles
January 20

All weave structures come with their own set of rules and characteristics. As weavers/designers, it is our job to understand those rules and identify their characteristics while we learn to bring our ideas into our own unique cloth. In Season 6 you’ll be designing your own projects from profiles as we explore these 3 little words, Units, Blocks & Profiles.

Episode 2
8 Shaft Twill Blocks & Tie-up Quadrants
February 24

For this episode, we continue on where we left off last season with Turned Twill.  We will explore new ways to manipulate the tie-up box as we study our tie-ups in quadrants. We’ll frame Lace with Twill, Basket Weave & Plain Weave as we explore so many more graphic ideas & colour palettes.

Episode 3
Monk’s Belt
March 31

The first weave structure we explore in Units, Blocks & Profiles this season is Monk’s Belt which uses 2 opposite twill units. We’ll learn how to lengthen the pattern floats and how your warp’s EPI controls the number of times a unit can be repeated. We’ll explore division of space in the weft by playing with block combinations, weaving Monk’s Belt with and without tabby and exploring the addition of inlay in our cloth. 

Episode 4
May 5

There is so much to explore with Overshot that we’re giving this structure 2 episodes. In this first episode we learn how the structure is derived from the 4 basic twill units and we’ll see how twills influence Overshot shapes. We’ll learn to treadle Tromp as Writ, Rose Fashion and on opposites. We’ll use contemporary graphics to bring the old and new together while adding Plain Weave elements to our overall designs.

Episode 5
Name Drafting Overshot
June 9

Our second Overshot episode is Name Drafting. We’ll learn how we can assign the letters of the alphabet to the harnesses on our looms and spell words that have special meaning to us. It is a conceptual approach to Overshot design that allows the weaver to personalize their work. It is also a fascinating way to learn about overshot, its rules, its shaping and to just let go and see what serendipity can bring to our looms.

Episode 6
Crackle Weave
July 14

Crackle weave is another powerful, fascinating twill derivative structure that provides a huge range of pattern possibilities for the 4-harness loom. We'll learn all its characteristics, and go over different ways of treadling it.  With 4 units on 4 harnesses, we can use twill profiles to provide the shapes. We can also get designs that are very blocky, without a strong diagonal, because of the way the blocks work together. Crackle can be woven with or without alternating tabbies between.

Episode 7
M’s & O’s
August 18

This episode looks at another fun and easy 2 block structure. It really uses all the harnesses in a unique way. You’ll see that we have blocks of plain weave alternating with blocks made up of 4 thread float elements.  We’ll also explore vertical plain weave as a 3rd design element in the threading and as an offset use of graphic in the blocks. We’ll review how this profile could be woven in any of the other 2 block structure we have studied.

Episode 8
Summer and Winter
September 22

This is the first tied weave structure we've studied. It’s a 2-tie structure…and all will be revealed about its name. It’s a supplementary weft structure as it’s woven with alternating tabbies between the pattern picks. There are so many ways to play with S&W in the treadling and we can weave our 2 units independently or together which gives us another way to frame within our graphic.

Episode 9
Block Analysis for +4 Shafts
October 27

Finally we learn the 3-step process that will allow us to analyze anything we can sketch on graph paper...the trick is making sure we can weave it on the looms we have available to us. We will be working with 6 units on 8 harnesses giving us so many pattern possibilities, especially when you bring all our graphic ideas to the table. We’ll interpret these profiles in 8 shaft Bronson Lace, creating our own threadings, tie-ups and treadlings. So much fun!

Episode 10
Units, Blocks & Profiles Grand Finale
November 17

As with every past season, we will look back at what we have accomplished in 2022. You’ll be amazed at the body of work we’ve created and we’ll see how all the puzzle pieces fit together.

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