Release Schedule

Release Schedule for 2021

Episode 1
Turned Twill
January 21
Before we dive into Lace we will do one more episode on Twills….Turned Twill which is one of my favourite weave structures!
Episode 2
Canvas Weave
February 25
We’ll learn how Canvas weave grows out of Basket Weave
That it has radiating double lines in the warp and weft coming out of lace
We’ll also learn how to use a tie-down thread to repeat units and that we can weave Canvas in weft floats and warp floats
Episode 3
April 1
Huck grows beautifully from Canvas
There are 3 main ways to tie it up and weave it: weft floats, warp floats & lace
We will learn to use those 3 elements to create all kinds of other patterns and we’ll learn how to read the cloth 
Episode 4
Huck Colour & Weave
May 6
Everything we learned in Season 2 – Colour & Weave can be overlaid on top of most weave structure but in this case, Huck!
We will use all 3 tie-ups to get different effects: weft spots, warp spots & lace
We’ll learn to treadle uneven D/L sequences on even threading sequences and make magic
Episode 5
Swedish Lace
June 10
Swedish Lace grows out of Huck
We’ll overlay everything we played with from our Huck gamp and Huck Colour & Weave gamp
Episode 6
Bronson Spot
July 15
Bronson Spot, a new family of lace and way of drafting it
It is the only lace on 4 shafts where we can have 3 units
3 units allow us to use 3 shaft twill shapes as profiles
Episode 7
Atwater Bronson Lace
August 19
Bronson Lace builds from Bronson spot
It is a 6 thread unit and we can have 2 blocks on 4 shafts and 6 blocks on 8
We will beginning playing with block profiling in this episode
Episode 8
Blended Lace
September 23
Because we have studied all 5 of the Lace weaves in great detail we will now see how
all of them can be used in one piece
We will look at drafts from old sources and really understand how the amazing patterns are derived
Episode 9
Huck & Twills
October 28
We will learn that we can weave Huck and Twills in the same piece
This requires a solid understanding of tie-up, which we now have
Episode 10
Lace Grande Finale
November 18
Our grand finale….we’ll review everything we’ve learned throughout the season and make sure we have all our notes in order
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