Season 2 & 3 I use a #12 dent reed and a #8 dent reed for all the sampling.

Width in Reed: my samples are all between 16 – 18 inches wide on the loom.

Season 4, we use a #10 dent reed and a #12 dent reed for all the samplings.

Width in Reed: this season’s samples vary from 14 – 17 inches wide on the loom with the exception of one sample which is 34 inches wide.

Season 5, we use a #10, #8 and #12 reed. If your looms are narrower you will have to make small adjustments to the drafts before you start. Lop out a bit here and there. I’m leaving that up to you... you can do it

Season 6, we are using a #10 for episodes 2, 3 & 4 with a #12 for episode 5 and weaving widths from 10.5" to 24" for the towels in episode 2.

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