School of Weaving

Jane Stafford School of Weaving is a series of instructional lessons where weavers learn at their own pace to weave on 4 shaft looms or continue on their weaving journey with renowned and sought-after instructor and designer Jane Stafford.

Each lesson demonstrates step-by-step instructions and will inspire weavers to design and create the best possible cloth they can – to care about graphic, colour, hand, and drape – from beginners wondering where to start, to experienced production weavers searching for new horizons.

Every season is a new workshop with so many options, so many possibilities!

The Fundamentals of Weaving

10 episodes in Season 1: warping & dressing the loom

great weaving techniques

project planning

understanding sett

information about different types of looms and yarns

weaving with mohair, fulling and finishing

Colour & Design 

10 episodes in Season 2 opens your door to original design and it feels like magic as you learn about:

colour theory

graphic division of space

architecture of cloth

weave 7 samples illustrating all these concepts

Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave 

10 episodes in Season 3. You will never look at plain weave the same way again!


cramming & denting

log cabin

weft-faced & warp-faced

double weave

collapse weave

supplementary warp & weft

Twills on 4 

Twill will blow your mind with 10 episodes in Season 4:

point twill

twill & basket weave

shadow weave

weft-faced twills

small & large threadings

colour & weave

tie-ups & treadling

Fiberworks PCW

Lace Weaves 

Season 5 provides an in-depth comparison of the lace family:

canvas weave


huck with colour & weave

Atwater Bronson lace

blended lace

huck & twills

Bronson spot

Swedish lace


Units, Blocks and Profiles

We start laying a solid foundation in regard to Units, Blocks and Profiles:

Monk's Belt


Name Drafting Overshot


M's & O's

Summer and Winter

Block Analysis

An Overlay of Colour, Weave and Texture on Units and Block Structure

Monk's Belt with C&W

Overshot with C&W

Crackle with C&W


Summer and Winter with C&W

Turned Taquette

M's & O's with Huck Theory

For more information on the School of Weaving, click here.

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