Yarn supply list - Season 2 - Colour & Design

In Season 2 we weave 7 samples that teach something about graphic or colour theory or both. I suggest a warp of 6 yards for each sample and each kit has enough yarn to easily weave many of the different ideas I demonstrate.

I also go off on different tangents re-sleying and using different weft yarns. I do not provide those yarns in the kits. Those tangents are optional and the purpose of them is to help you use your stash productively and successfully. There isn’t much that I don’t use together. I weave cotton with wool, with silk, with linen, with bambu... I don’t make yarns live in separate worlds. 

You will also learn how to mix different weights of yarns, one in the warp and one in the weft and still create beautifully balanced and drapey cloth. I am hoping you will be able to do some serious stash-busting this year.

The list below will allow you to go through your stash and see if you have any of these colours kicking around and you can then just buy what you are missing or the entire kit if you need it. They are all 8/2 cotton ½ lb cones with 1680 yards per cone but remember some colours are used in small amounts in one sample and large amounts in others.

  • Sample #1 – 1 each of Black, Grey, Light Grey, Red, White
  • Sample #2 – 3 Navy, 3 Natural, 1 Apricot
  • Sample #3 – 1 each of Apricot, Pale Orange, Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Peacock, Navy
  • Sample #4 – 1 each of Red, Olive, Gold, Purple, Fuchsia
  • Sample #5 – 2 Lemon and 1 each of Butter, Nile and Pale Limette
  • Sample #6 – 1 each Black, Lemon, Orange, Red, Light Purple, Royal, Emerald
  • Sample #7 – 1 each Natural, Gold, Cayenne, Raspberry, Dark Purple, Navy, Olive


I use a #12 dent reed and a #8 dent reed for all the sampling.

Width in Reed: my samples are all between 16 – 18 inches wide on the loom.

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