Yarn supply list - Season 3 - Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave

  • Episode 1 sample Denting: (scarves) one cone each of 16/2 Black, Charcoal, Dark Grey, Light Grey (optional silk wefts are 30/2 Black Magic and 30/2 Salt Spring Sky)
  • Episode 2 sample Cramming and Denting: (scarves) one 100 gram cone each of 40/2 linen Spruce, Teal, Olive, Green Tea (optional silk wefts Grantius Green or Old Man’s Beard)
  • Episode 3 sample Log Cabin: (table runner) two cones 8/4 Cotton White, one cone each 8/4 Black, Charcoal, Cherry
  • Episode 4 sample Weft Faced Plain Weave: (mini rugs or hot pads or sketches) one cone 12/4 Natural Linen, 5 skeins of Quebecoise 2 ply wool. I made 4 of the little mini rugs with 2 skeins.
  • Episode 5 sample Warp Faced: (narrow runner) one cone each 8/4 Black, White, Peacock, Pale Limette, one cone Mop Cotton Black. You will also need small amounts of 8/2 Black and 16/2 Black... you don’t need much of these last two so if you have them in your stash you don’t need to buy more, or you could use another colour.. 
  • Episode 6 sample Collapsible Pucker Up Scarf: (scarves) Choose one selection from the regular kits page.
  • Episode 7 sample Double Weave: (shawl) one cone each Harrisville Shetland Sea Green, Lime, Grass, Peacock, Loden
  • Episode 8 sample Simple Supplementary Warp: (scarves) one cone each 16/2 Cotton Fuschia, Purple, Raspberry, Cayenne, one skein 20/2 Bombyx Silk Limelight. For your weft you can also use any of the 30/2 silk left from previous samples. Other optional colours used in the sample are 30/2 Buddha Berry, Dragon Fruit, Tiger Lily, Black, Grantius Green... or any other fine yarn in practically any colour)
  • Episode 9 sample Supplementary Warp and Weft: (scarves) two cones 12 gauge Carob Bambu. There are two colours ways for the supplementary warps yarns so you can choose either one cone each of 18/2 Merino in Sage and Teal OR one cone each of 18/2 Merino in Copper, Claret and Raspberry.


I use a #12 dent reed and a #8 dent reed for all the sampling.

Width in Reed: my samples are all between 16 – 18 inches wide on the loom.

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